(adj.) Seeming to be present everywhere. Everywhere at once. Omnipresent.

Ex. When I was a young man, the rapper MC Hammer reached a level of hip-hop stardom that has rarely been matched. As a result, his trademark super-baggy "hammer pants" became a ubiquitous part of the wardrobes of the teens of America.

          I still wear hammer pants some times --
    When no one is looking
And the lights are out.

How I Remember: Ubiquitous sounds kind of like "You Big White Mouse!" So here's a memory sentence: "The Big White Mouse got loose in the house and became ubiquitous - we'd see him everywhere but could never catch him."

(I know this one isn't that great -- let me know if you think of a better one.)


Test my blog said...

I'd pay to see those hammer pants on you!

Johnny Levy said...

Man, I was the most superfly. Sadly, no embarrassing pictures have survived -- and if they had survived, I would have had them killed by now.