Biblical Eldership

Right now I am deeply considering how Christian church government was intended to be structured, based on the pattern of the new testament. I have been reading and listening to a variety of resources, and will list the best resources I have found in this post.


Biblical Eldership - Alexander Strauch

Written Sermons

Elders, Pastors, Bishops and Bethlehem - John Piper
What Did Deacons Do? - John Piper
More John Piper Sermons on the subject: All Sermons on Biblical Eldership

Audio Sermons

Matt Chandler's "Ultimate Authority" Series (2010):
Sermon 1:
Sermon 2:
Sermon 3:
Sermon 4:
Sermon 5:
Sermon 6:
Sermon 7:

Matt Chandler (Older Sermons)

What are Elders? (2006)
Eldership (The Church, Part 4) (2009)

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