Last night, I spent some time searching for direction.  I've felt scattered. I want to do big things; my eyes were "in the ends of the earth." In my quiet time, God refocused me back on my current mission -- learning what it means to be a true man of God, and growing as a husband, step-father, worker, and citizen in this world. This is my plate right now. It doesn't matter how my eyes wander towards the next course; my current plate is what must be gotten through.

God is my audience. Most people would say I am a good man. But do I truly walk in excellence?  In the fullness of Christ where it matters most? If I am honest from the heart, I know the answer is "no." I know it is. There's more to life. There's more to living and walking in His fullness. God has determined that people should see the image of His son in my walk as a man. I have no other purpose than to shine.

I have a saying: "You get out of yourself what you put into yourself." Right now I am on a mission to fill myself with the good, nutritional vittles of what it means to be a man, from the mouths of men of God.

Currently, I am listening to a John Piper Sermon: Lionhearted and Lamblike, Part One. I'll let you know how it goes.

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