My Links

Hello! I am a poet, pastor, family man, and professional.  The purpose of this site is simple. It's a jumping off point to direct you to the different things I have going on personally and professionally. 

  • Levy Fam Creative. This is a blog where my family posts our creative work. 
  • Slam Poems. This is a Web site for poets to showcase their slam poetry. 
  • Solomen. This is the epic poem / novel about a wandering storyteller named Solomen. 
  • Johnny's Poems. My repository of poetry.  Personal, spiritual reflections. 
  • Tongues Afire. A Web site containing my poetry, and poems from other poets I respect. 
  • YouTube Channel.  This is dedicated to to poetry and short stories.  
  • Twitter. My Twitter feed. 

  • LinkedIn.  My professional history and experience. 
  • References. See my job reference. These are old, I haven't been on the market for a while. 

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