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I recently got to present at the grand opening of Gather Co-Working in Colorado Springs. This space is a powerful catalyst for professional connection and collaboration, and it was a crazy honor to participate in the launch by presenting on "The Art of Empowerment," with 9 other presenters speaking in their areas of passion and expertise. 

This site is intended to give you a crash course in my passions and initiatives. My hope is that you and I can meet and collaborate in some way. Here is more information about how we can connect and do amazing things together.
  1. Here is the complete poem, "Park Hill Son," that I excerpted during my presentation. This is some of my "Origin Story:"
  2. Take the five-minute Superpower Quest survey! This gets you on my radar so I can start thinking about your design and your Big Dream.
  3. Join the Superpower Community by signing up at This is how I communicate updates from the Superpower Quest, and I will be using this to facilitate gatherings among heroes so we can team up and help each other. 
  4. Connect with me on LinkedIn:  I am very active on this platform, and I use it to facilitate connections between people of excellence who can help each other. 

Gather Grand Opening: "The Art of Empowerment," 8/30/23 

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