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The following are my own results, which will give you a huge head start in getting to know my Big Dreams and my Superpowers

I can't wait to find out yours!


Your NameJohnny Levy

Your IndustryMedia / Data / Consulting
Core DriveHARMONY - I care more about relationships than about getting things done.
Primary Hero TypeCONNECTOR - I am a peacemaker. I desire and pursue unity. I am gregarious and charismatic. I bring people together.
Secondary Hero TypeDREAMER - I am a high level, abstract thinker who brings vision and creativity. I see big opportunities and inspire people towards big outcomes.
Key Interests
- Discovering the excellence and "Superpowers" of others!
- Creating strategic Connections based on mutual excellence!
- Creative Writing: Poetry, Sci Fi.
- Public Speaking / Preaching / Pastoral Care.
- Empowering media companies through data partnership
- Leveraging the power of LinkedIn, and helping others do the same.
Big Desire

- Data Partnership. In my day job (CEO, Visionary-Connector of DataJoe), I want to partner with media companies to help them leverage their hidden "gold mines" of data for revenue and engagement.

- Professional Collaboration. I want to create 10-20 "rooms" (cohorts) where people with common passions and complimentary Superpowers can 10X each other's progress.

- Professional Connection. I want to help thousands of people reach greater "professional clarity" through radical self-knowledge via my Superpower Quest personality assessment.

- Financial Freedom. I'd like to generate so much value from the above, that I can receive enough compensation to make my day job optional.
Quick "Common Interests" Checklist

Growing my side hustle
Ministry / philanthropy / nonprofit opportunities
Leadership development / coaching
Creative arts / artistic collaboration
Parenting resources


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